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About us is the official webshop of Carneol Kft. operated by Nayala Ltd. The company services the customers directly from the factory because we have recognized that this is the best way to satisfy our customers. By doing so they can obtain the highest quality products and choose from the whole product line of Carneol Kft.

Carneol Kft. - founded in 1996 in Hungary near Budapest - is in fact a family business in which the family members are committed toward the business’ overall success.

We attribute our success to a new type of specially designed ashtray collection. The hand-made glass product attracted customers’ attention through its natural eradiation. Many new product lines were produced in the last few years. We can offer you clocks, lamps, basins and lots of plates to choose from.

Our products are recognized by the design industry, many of them are protected under common law trade mark rights. Many casinos and well-known hotels (Corinthia Grand Hotel Royal, Budapest) use our products.

Bring colour and beauty into your every day life by using our uniquely designed products. We can guarantee that your home will get a special touch of art.

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