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Glass is a fused mixture of sodium or potassium silicates with one or more of the insoluble silicates with varying proportions of other substances which produce colour, or give to the glass some special characteristics; such as certain refractive indexes or tolerance to reagents. Through its glittering and mysterious beauty glass sand is an essential component of our life. Glass art is in fact a branch of industrial (applied) art. Excavations prove that Egyptian priests produced mugs, phials or cones from this material in the 4th century BCE. Ancient Egypt is the birth place of glass making which spread through the whole Mediterranean. Later Romans introduced it in Europe, too. The new fusing technology used by us is the latest achievement in glass making which combines the traditional technology with the best new opportunities. This technology - dating back for only two centuries - made glass products secure and durable. Glass arrives in our manufacture in the form of huge glass plates. After a special cleaning process glass is cut into unique forms and sizes. Varied glass plates are joined and coloured. They are put in furnaces where they are burnt at 800-900 C to obtain the desired form. After a long process of cooling the glass products are taken out of the furnace. Once the desired form is obtained, glass is usually annealed for the removal of stresses. Surface treatments, coatings or lamination may follow to improve the chemical durability, strength or optical properties to transform it into an ornament of your home.

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